Kit 36

Our Kit 36 and Kit 40 IntelliDrains work just like a normal ‘click-clack’ waste; however, if the maximum safe depth of water is reached (circa 36cm for the Kit 36 and 40cm for the Kit 40) then patented technology within the unit triggers the plug to open, helping to avoid a flood. Once the tap is turned off, the intelli-waste allows the bath to empty to approximately 26cm (30cm for the Kit 40) and then automatically reseals, allowing the bather to enjoy a deep soak. Perfect for hotel applications or homes with children. Circa 36cm maximum depth. Suitable for Victoria + Albert baths without a predrilled overflow. NB. Not suitable for Cabrits. The Kit 36 is designed to conform to BS EN 274-1.



W: 70 mm

Full Specification

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