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Three unique colour palettes developed in collaboration with 


As we are learning to spend more time in a single location, in the cocoon of familiar environments, our focus increasingly turns to those surroundings, the spaces in which we live and work, relax and contemplate. Victoria + Albert has collaborated with Wallpaper* to develop three new colour palettes that add joy and calm to inner sanctums. Compiled by Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas, the three new palettes have been chosen to represent three different moods.

The new colour palettes are the perfect way to personalise the exterior of our freestanding baths and basins in a rich array of RAL colours, in gloss of matt finishes. Coordinate hues to complement bathroom décor, or let colour lead the design principle.

You can now visualise the colours of Victoria + Albert’s full range of freestanding baths and basins on our new colour simulator. Discover more here.


From Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater to Thomas Heatherwick’s viaduct-inspired Vessel, the dynamic and fluid nature of water has long influenced architecture and interior design. Evoking sentiments of calmness and wellbeing while creating a free-flowing dialogue between solid and liquid forms, the Wavelengths palette looks to deep, inky oceans, offering a tranquil colour spectrum that sails across dark Atlantic waters to the sun-dappled Mediterranean and onto the bluey-green Aegean.

View the full colour palette here.

Dune Retreat

Dune Retreat is warm, contemplative and escapist. Inspired by the shifting sands of the desert, the palette evokes the colours of natural minerals such as feldspar, quartz, ochre and sun-baked earth. Reflecting manifestations of contemporary desert architecture from Arizona to Morocco, the tones of the Dune Retreat palette echo the challenging climatic conditions of arid environments and extreme temperatures, adapting and flourishing in the hot sun.

View the full colour palette here

Light Industrielle

Metallic, robust and minimalist, Light Industrielle references contemporary architecture and classic industrial design. Raw building materials - timber, steel and glass - structural forms and angular, geometric shapes filled the mood board for this palette. A tonal range that is urban, powerful and elegantly utilitarian, Light Industrielle’s stealthy, steely aesthetic of monochromatic understatement is accented with subtle grey and orange.

View the full colour palette here.

Photography: William Bunce

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