Ugly House to Lovely House

Product: Eldon

Location: Essex, England

Design: Edwina Boase

Architecture: Chris Dyson Architects

Photography: Amazing Productions / Daniela Exley

The design of this bathroom needed to reflect the client’s colourful, modern and eclectic aesthetic, whilst still allowing for a tranquil, restorative space in which to bathe

Handmade Moroccan concrete tiles by Popham Design in a soft green shade feel serene and natural, but also inject a pop of colour. Elsewhere in the room, design is kept minimal, modern and almost industrial in its simplicity, with a neutral colour palette and brushed nickel tapware. To visually expand the space, the layout of this bathroom was re-designed to make the room feel elongated, and draw the eye in. To complement this, the Moroccan tiles line the floor and furthest wall behind the wet room and back-to-wall Eldon bath.

Of the design, designer and stylist Edwina Boase said: “The Eldon bath was perfect for this bathroom; its elegant, modern shape was echoed in the patterned tiles, lighting and tapware. The Eldon design is impactful yet economic with regards to the floor space required, which is preciously what was required for this project!”

This house in its entirety was recently unveiled on Channel 4’s home renovation series ‘Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke’.


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