A World of Colour

Personalisation has emerged as the most significant new trend in bathrooms. Leading this trend, Victoria + Albert’s new colour service allows you to personalise the exterior of our freestanding baths and basins to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom design.

Choose from a spectrum of 199 colours, in either gloss or matt. Victoria + Albert use the RAL colour system, so that colours can be easily matched with other décor.

In the spirit of making staying home more pleasurable and inspired by the brand’s innovative spirit, Wallpaper* has collaborated with Victoria + Albert on three new colour palettes that add joy and calm to inner sanctums. Compiled by Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas for the current climate’s refocused lifestyle philosophy, the three new palettes have been chosen to represent three different moods:

Light Industrielle

Metallic, robust and minimalist, Light Industrielle references contemporary architecture and classic industrial design. A tonal range that is urban and powerful.

Dune Retreat

Dune Retreat is warm, contemplative and escapist. Inspired by the sands of the desert, the palette evokes the colours of natural minerals such as quartz, ochre and sun-baked earth.


This palette looks to deep, inky oceans, offering a tranquil colour spectrum that sails across dark Atlantic waters to the sun-dappled Mediterranean and onto the bluey-green Aegean.

Victoria + Albert’s colour finish is multi-layered for exceptional depth and lustre. A special catalysed paint is applied, and the surface is hand-polished between applications. This technique results in a beautiful and durable finish.

Colour baths and basins are made to order, so please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Victoria + Albert Baths define “gloss” at a 90% gloss level, and “matt” at a 20% gloss level.

Browse our selection of colour ranges

Wine red

RAL 3005


Red tones will add vibrancy and energy to any interior design scheme.

Daffodil yellow

RAL 1007


Inject a pop of colour with sunshine yellow, or opt for a soothing golden glow.

Moss green

RAL 6005


Tap into the botanical trend with our range of green tones.

Saphire blue

RAL 5003


From powder blue to jewel-like sapphire, blue is inherently calming.

Traffic white

RAL 9016


Create a serene, spa-like atmosphere with our elegant pale palette.

Silver grey

RAL 7001


From pebble tones to industrial graphite, chic grey is hugely versatile.

Salmon range

RAL 2012


Add a touch of uplifting orange - from fresh apricot to warm terracotta.

Light pink

RAL 3015


Not just pretty pinks. Our deep cerise hues create a design statement.

Purple violet

RAL 4007


Traditionally associated with royalty, purple exudes a sense of luxury.

Signal brown

RAL 8002


Get back to nature with these warm, on-trend, earthy tones.

Traffic black

RAL 9017


Choose from a selection of striking dark colours to create a boutique feel.


Be inspired by beautiful residential and hospitality projects that feature our products.