Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Please contact a member of our customer service team if you still have an unanswered question. 


Due to a significant investment in stock, all QUARRYCAST™ products and accessories are usually dispatched on the same day. When ordering through one of our partner showrooms, final delivery to the showroom takes an average of 3 – 5 days depending on the location of the showroom. If you require a product quickly, always check with your showroom for a delivery date prior to ordering.

If you are ordering a painted bath or basin, please allow up to a 6 week lead time, as these are bespoke products.


Victoria + Albert Baths are pleased to offer a colour service, allowing you to personalise the exterior of our freestanding baths and basins to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom’s design. Choose from a spectrum of 199 RAL colours in either gloss or matt finishes. Visit our ‘Colour Finishes’ page to learn more about colour finishes.  

*Please note that the colour swatches on our website offer a guidance to colours only, and are not an exact representation.

Due to the number of colours available, we are unable to provide samples of paint colours. Most displaying showrooms will have a RAL colour fan deck, which can used to select colours or colour match. We do also have digital colour swatches on our ‘Colour Finishes’ page.

*Please note that the colour swatches on our website offer a guidance to colours only, and are not an exact representation.

The exterior of any of our freestanding baths and basins can be painted. Our built-in baths and built-in basins are not able to be painted.

For durability and practicality, we do not paint the interior of baths and basins.

Our freestanding baths and basins can be custom painted. Having a smooth exterior surface, QUARRYCAST™ baths, basins and feet are easy to decorate using either oil or water based paints.

  1. First rub down surface with a fine abrasive paper to form a key. Wipe down thoroughly to remove any dust before applying paint.
  2. If your bath requires feet, use a pencil to mark the outline of each foot on the bath. Important: Do not paint over this area as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.
  3. Following the paint manufacturer’s instructions, apply the paint to the bath. We recommend two topcoats. Use a smaller roller or brush, applying paint in a random fashion so as not to create paint lines.
  4. If you wish to paint the feet follow the above procedure using a small brush or spray paint instead of a roller. Contrasting colours can look particularly attractive. As before, do not paint the inside of the feet as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.
  5. To finish, depending on the type of paint used, apply a coat of water or oil-based matt varnish to add further protection. This is however, not essential.

Yes, the feet or plinth will be supplied in the same colour paint finish to match the bath as standard. We also have a range of premium metal feet options for you to choose from.

Touch up paint for our painted baths and basins is available from customer services for small repairs up to 60mm. Please see our ‘Care & Cleaning’ document, or contact our customer service team for more advice.

For cleaning instructions for painted products, please see our ‘Care & Cleaning’ document.


Our products are designed to be easily installed. We recommend that this is only done by a professional installer. All products come with comprehensive installation instructions which need to be followed. These can also be downloaded from every product page on our website. We strongly advise that in conjunction with your installer, you review the installation instructions prior to purchase.

In the first instance, please check the installation instructions that are available to download from the relevant product page of our website. If you still have a question, contact our technical department on +44 1952 221100 or

For the ultimate in clean lines most of our modern baths do not come with an overflow hole. Overflow protection is provided with our patented Kit 40 and Kit 36 waste kits and this combination meets building regulations / plumbing code in every market. 

For most Victoria + Albert baths without a pre-drilled overflow, an overflow hole can still be custom drilled if required and a suitable Victoria + Albert waste kit is available.

No, due to the inherent strength and stability of QUARRYCAST™, holes can be drilled easily using a standard hole saw and arbor. We always recommend this is done by a professional.

No, any feet or additional plinths will require easy assembly on site using the installation instructions provided.

To maximise strength and design coherence, each foot will only suit the single bath for which it was designed. However, most feet do come with different metal finish options.


To demonstrate our confidence in the quality and reliability of our products, all Victoria + Albert products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship, subject to meeting the terms and conditions specified. Visit our ‘Guarantee’ page for full details, and to register your product.

Our baths and basins are all made from the same unique material - QUARRYCAST™.

QUARRYCAST™ is made from finely ground Volcanic Limestone mixed with resin. As the stone-rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic it is 100% one piece, hand finished and packed with naturally desirable properties.

Please visit the ‘Our Material’ page to learn more about QUARRYCAST™.

Our new 100% Matt finish option for selected baths and basins is crafted from the same unique material as our signature QUARRYCAST™ White (Gloss) products, and features a matt white interior and exterior. Our unique casting process creates a soft, contemporary look.

The Standard Matt range benefits from the same renewable properties and 25 year guarantee as QUARRYCAST™ White products.

Please visit our ‘Our Material’ and ‘Standard Matt’ pages to learn more about these finishes.

We have a large Specification Showroom in London, where anyone can view and experience our baths basins and accessories, and learn more about the Victoria + Albert brand. Please visit our ‘London Showroom’ page to contact the showroom, and see a list of what products are on display.  

Alternatively, we have nearly 1,500 partner showrooms around the world. Please visit our ‘Find a Showroom’ page to search for your nearest displaying showroom.

We spend a lot of time designing baths to suit a wide variety of bathing styles and orientations – from compact sit tubs perfect for reading in, to low-slung loungers that are great for reclining. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you always try before you buy. 

It is a myth that you need a large space to fit in a freestanding bath! We have bath models that start from a compact 1493mm in length, perfect for smaller bathrooms. Our largest baths are around 1900mm in length, for bathrooms with more space.

Yes, we stock product across Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa. We also have distributors around the world. Sourcing your product locally has the advantage of avoiding international shipping charges, and offers local product support at the point of installation. To find your nearest showroom, visit our ‘Find a Showroom’ page.

Yes, our products can be bought independently and mixed with other products.

Our baths are around the weight of a person (47kg – 110kg) depending on the model. This means that they are light enough to not typically require floor reinforcement, however they are far more substantial than lightweight acrylic alternatives.

All our QUARRYCAST™ baths and basins are manufactured in our own facilities in South Africa. You can follow the story of how our products are made and see our unique facilities by watching our videos.

Both material options provide exceptionally high strength and are carefully engineered to fit to the outside of the bathing well. The metal versions have the added advantage of height adjustable ground anchor mechanisms that make it easy to achieve perfect levelling on installation.